CONTEST: come up with two more layouts for Spa-Francorchamps, show Tilke how it's really done

Illustration for article titled CONTEST: come up with two more layouts for Spa-Francorchamps, show Tilke how its really done

There’s the layout above. You can print it out and draw a new layout with a pencil, or use Photoshop or Illustrator. Rules after the jump.

  1. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with two more layouts for Spa-Francorchamps. Clockwise, anticlockwise, your call, but both layouts should not intersect.
  2. There will be two sections that you have to keep when you make your track. The first layout will have to include Haut de la Cote Burnenville and Malmedy, and the second layout should come with the Masta Kink, Holowell Bend, Stavelot, and La Carriere. This means that when you draw your track, the layout should include those sections and corners. You can’t modify or change the sections.
  3. There’s no actual upper limit when it comes to track length, but make sure that you keep within the boundaries of the old layout. Don’t go past it.
  4. Designate a start/finish line and number the corners (optional).
  5. You can post the resulting work here in the comments section as a scanned document (for pen ‘n’ paper entires) or as a 938x555 photo for those who used either ‘Shop or Illustrator, be it JPG or PNG. The two layouts will have to be seen in one photo.
  6. And when you post your photo with the two layouts, please describe the circuits, from elevation changes, to rhythm.

I’ll pick 5 finalists, then Oppo votes for which of them is the best on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2016.

Ready? You have until 31st of December, 21:00 MNL time before this goes kaput. I’ll make mine, too.

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