Researching the Ascent, to an obsessive degree (as I am prone to do), I’ve discovered some not fun things.

The 2019s also had issues with their air conditioning systems.


And, the engine.

It’s a brand new model for a new market, so some growing pains are expected, I suppose. And Subaru is usually very good to their owners with regards to this stuff. I have read that these particular Ascent problems were mitigated (so far) for the 2020s.

Plus, forums are usually the place people go to bitch about stuff, first and foremost. It’s 50% enthusiasts who love their cars and 50% people who hate them and are looking for others having similar problems.


But, I’m still on the fence. We are going to test drive a Highlander today, purely because I know it’ll be reliable and the dealer is 10 minutes from my house. I just hope it isn’t boring enough to put me to sleep.

That’s part of why I like the Ascent. It wasn’t boring. It was different, in a good way. Standard all-wheel-drive was cool. So was the color and I personally like the styling. But, it could also be different in a bad way. My wife and I buy our cars new (hush with your “That’s not a smart financial decision!” remarks), and we keep them for 8-10 years.


We have short commutes during the week but we do take long trips on weekends at times. And to Florida once or twice a year. Either way, I don’t want a car that has issues all the time. Even with a good warranty and roadside assistance. Car problems suck, especially with something new.

I’m nervous about having a turbo. What special care is needed? Will my wife’s 5 minute commute in the mornings and afternoons hurt it?


I guess this is all just my anxiety about making such a large investment. I want it to work. And work well for us. My wife works hard at her job each and every day, and she deserves this. I don’t want it to let her down.

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