Continuing the 90s sketch theme

‘90s Toyota coupes? I dunno. Why not. Had to do a sketch to get the brain moving, I’m really rusty in that regard. So I ended up sketching a Celica this time? Like a 1995-design of a 1999 Celica.

Last 2 were Seras, sorta.


I wish I could just draw for a living, again. Need to do more of this if I’m gonna compete. Each of these is about 1.5 hrs from start to finish. Gotta cut that down to 30 minutes. Most of that time is noodling design, I’ve spent too long doing super-detailed design work, down to the tenths of millimeters, and not enough making the overall statement fast and efficient. The green/teal color really pops pretty quickly, though, and fits the era, I guess.

Personally, I think this


is the best-looking Celica.

Suggestions welcome.

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