Continuity errors.

Watching Elementary, season 7 and the continuity errors are AAAAAARRGGHHHHH!!!!!

Some glaringly obvious, some obvious to any Bit and some maybe only obvious to people who know.

A North American air conditioning unit (ie suspended outside at height, nope).
‘Lobby’, no, in the U.K. that would be ‘Ground Floor’.
Baker Street, London has changed massively. In that 221a and 221b are now massive.
A British police car with a forward facing red light!? rare but not unheard of.
The car in the background has a very unfortunate Battenburg livery. The Metropolitan Police logo could of been done so much better, so much easier with just a Google search.
RV62, that would make the car a 2012 registered in Reading, Berkshire. On a car that is no older than a 2006. A car claiming to be a Metropolitan Police vehicle some 35 miles away out of it’s jurisdiction.

My favourite.

Not only is this a rare Citroen C6 in the U.K. it’s also from the future as ZM38 implies it’s from 2038. Even rarer still, Z- isn’t used. Our current system only goes up to Y. In fact Z isn’t used in any of the first two letters, the letters which denote where it was registered.


The stupid thing is it’s not like there isn’t a British Metropolitan Police liveried BMW 3 Series in New York.


The Metropolitan Police (aka Jack Pack) take part in the New York half marathon in Central Park to raise money for the MET Police Children’s Cancer Charity.

PVL livery a vehicle for them.

“When the car arrives outside the hotel on the morning of the Central park run even the Met police officers are astonished by the site of it on Manhattan streets. The whole street comes to a standstill as the car pulls into its reserved space outside the hotel. It’s such an iconic piece of Britishness.”

The BMW 3 series, pictured, is a battenburg kit to match the Met Police specification in Reflexite VC612 high visibility material. The vehicle led the 103 police officers through Central Park, New York. To find out more about the JACK PACK charity please visit:


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