By now, you have heard that Charlie Sheen, star of All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, is embroiled in a “I paid for sex with hookers and porn stars while HIV-positive” scandal. Mainly because he talked all about it yesterday on the Today Show.

And one of the more interesting things to come out about the scandal is that Sheen reportedly asked his dates (<- Euphemism) to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they, um, How shall we say this? Dated.

I’m sure we have all asked a hooker or two to sign a non-disclosure agreement before money changed hands. What is news about the Sheen situation is that the non-disclosure agreement has been leaked. In Touch magazine has published it (and the Daily Mail has kindly posted it on line as well).

And it contains a forced arbitration clause. Ha Ha! [Insert joke here about hookers being screwed, etc.]


I have railed against forced arbitration clauses, as have many others.

So, if you ever find yourself in Charlie Sheen’s bunker, about to engage in a drug-fueled binge of unspeakable debauchery and his security team asks you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, read it before you sign it. And if it contains an arbitration clause, I would argue against signing it.


And all of the foregoing is meant to be tongue in cheek. [Insert joke]

But this really does say something about the ubiquity of arbitration clauses.

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