Contrary to what I was told yesterday, I don't believe I need new brakes

I took my 328i into BMW for an oil change; yes I know I could do it myself, but at $90 it’s worth it to drop the car off and pickup it with freshly changed oil. While it was there, I got a call telling me that my front brakes were completely worn out and needed to be replaced. Normally, I’m not one to skimp on repairs, but I remember looking at the brakes somewhat recently and remember seeing quite a lot of friction material on the pads. Plus they wanted ~$670 for the job, so I declined. They also said the sensors were telling them that the brakes needed to be replaced. I looked at my car when I got it back and they were either lying to me, or they saw something I didn’t.

This is what my front drivers side brake pad looks like. Looks like there is still a decent amount of friction material on there.


The rotors are a bit worn, but they specifically said the pads were worn out, not the rotors. Additionally, my car is in agreement that we’re good for a while.

For reference, this is what was on my bill:


Yeah, I’m going to have to disagree with that. Last time they told me something was wrong, they were correct. The gaskets they told me were leaking were actually leaking bad enough I could smell oil burning. I got that rectified and now my car no longer burns oil. Anyways, looks like I won’t be doing brakes anytime soon. I am still planning on doing my due diligence and looking at the inner brake pad.

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