“big·ot (ˈbiɡət/) - noun: 1. a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” Big subject but I wanted to have you all give your takes. Two things have been bothering me lately in automotive articles and discussions. First, swearing in the titles and the use of needless profanity in main articles. Second and most importantly, when nationalities become a joke or argument point. 

I’m really becoming exhausted with the “ze Germans” and “sausages in different sizes” and other sayings that are done because that’s what they read growing up. I dont think you need to go into bastardized Italian gibberish to discuss the driving dynamics of an Alfa Romeo. I don’t want to hear about how the “Chinese” can’t build a good enough car for America purely because “they are Chinese.” I’m sick of hearing people say they won’t buy Japanese or Korean or American because they are built in Mexico.


It’s one thing when you have a problem with that country’s current government but most of the time it has everything to do with whatever imagine you have created of the people and culture.

Now, none of this is bigotry when it starts out. These are the things that set the tone for people in the discussions to start saying that some nationality is lazy or incapable of quality. The jokes about kimchi, chopsticks, obesity, tea time, and moose maneuvers become too targeted and that’s when the bigotry I’m bothered by erupts.

I know it’s all just for fun and “they tease us too” and all of the other excuses we can form because cruelty is not our intent. I just want everyone to be aware that you control the atmosphere and quality of the discussions through your own opinions.

But if you are going to be not only closed minded by completely intolerant of opinions then hold your bigotry for a forum where like-minded people such as yourself gather and enjoy that kind of stuff together.


I don’t care what country the brand that owns another brand was founded in. Your problem isn’t the country, it’s the brand. It isn’t that you don’t buy American because they can’t build a sophisticated car, you just don’t like those automakers. If it’s too much work to type the brands you don’t like then maybe just tell people what you do like.

Just be in control of the tones you use so that we don’t promote bigots coming into this space to spit at imaginary wrongs which always end up hitting one of our many global friends, including the ones that call the same place you do “home.”


*I’m not calling anyone out nor has anyone done me any wrong. I’m just noticing the environment on the Internet is becoming more and more toxic in every direction.