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Control your dogs

Why are so many dog owners perfectly okay with terrible behavior from their pets? I get that the majority of people aren’t malicious and simply don’t know how to train their dogs, but like... There are professionals you can go to for that very thing!

I don’t generally like to think about this, but back in the window washing days I had a dog attack one of my guys. Pretty bad bite too, the type that leaves big bloody holes deep in muscle tissue. Client tried to tell me my guy “provoked the dog”. Total and complete bullshit.


That was the first of only five clients I ever removed from my books. Couple weeks later another one of my guys got attacked by the same dog when doing a neighbor’s house. I called an animal control officer, they came out, investigated, and ended up putting the dog down. The lady even got charged with a misdemeanor, as apparently you’re required by law yo report any bites within 24 hours to the police in my county.

Now, said lady spent *MONTHS* leaving terrible voicemails, spamming our reviews, etc. I ignored her completely, but in retrospect I probably should have tried taking her to court to get health care fees paid for (one guy made an L&I claim, another self-treated at home). She would harass my guys when they cleaned windows for anyone on that street, and for all I know she may well still be causing trouble for the guy who bought my company.


All this, because someone had a dog that was out of control, and was so delusional she didn’t see the problem.

This memory bubbled up to the surface because today I got a call from one of my guys saying he got bitten and wants to get checked out/verification that the dog doesn’t have rabies or something. Now I’m getting flashbacks of working in homes with dogs that would literally bark for 6 hours straight, growl all day, become aggressive... And owners that try to play that off as normal or okay.

There was another one where my partner had to literally keep a hose on a rabid dog for the entire two hours it took me to clean the exterior windows. We definitely should have just left, but we were 18 and dumb so... We finished the job and hoped this big mean black lab wouldn’t realize he could get through a little stream of water. Owner eventually comes home and says the dog is afraid of mailmen but wouldn’t hurt a fly.


Okay, rant over. 

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