So I need to pull the RTT off my Tacoma since I’m going to be doing mostly highway driving now. The thing is heavy as shit (~300 lbs) and more than I can control when it’s over my head. So we had some guys who were supposed to come and help out.

Well, they didn’t show up (for the second time)

Of course, I didn’t find out about this until after I’d unbolted the thing, which meant I couldn’t just drive home.

So I stood in the storage unit I’ve been sketchily using as a workshop and looked around trying to figure out which assortment of random junk would do the job.

The result was to use 4 snow tires, 2 plastic gas cans, and the foam inserts from a camera box to slide the tent over the back (the gas cans and foam were there to prevent any sliding damage) and drop it as gently as possible onto the tires.

I managed it without anything going amiss, though I’ll let you know in the winter if the tires took any damage (they shouldn’t have, but...)


Moral of the story? The lackadaisical attitude towards keeping a schedule is something about Santa Fe that I will not miss.