It has been about a year and a half of owning my S550, and I am heavily considering moving over to an '06 STS-V. They're rare, luxurious, and faster than the Mercedes. They are cheaper to maintain and it offers AUX playback instead of requiring CD's like its 1995. I guess the reason I don't want to sell my merc is because of the subtle design beauty, the fact that I bought it myself at 19, and I love the luxury.

I can't modify the mercedes, and maintaining it (even at an independent shop) is crazy, Expensive parts and slightly higher labour costs I guess.


I would want to bolt on a full exhaust, better cooling, and maybe a smaller pulley, because I don't think its all that fast with 4500lbs and 469hp.

I am so confused and I need my fellow opponaughts to see this and help!