Sometimes, public shame is the best way to end stupidity. There's been a lot of talk about Nascar since the Busch brothers each did a driver swap today. With this talk come the same pretentious people singing the same complaints we've heard for 3 decades now. It is time we end this.

ADDvanced was first to the plate with his complaints, but luckily Hagetaka was quick to set him straight.


More proof Nascar is not racing, but merely a 2 hour advertising special involving moving billboards and soap opera drama between drivers. What a joke. Today 2:52pm


Yay. He placed in the top half of an imaginary speedlist for a NASCAR feeder series (in top dollar equipment).

Obviously the guy is talented and it's a heck of a feat. But it's not anywhere enough to bolster the case that some idiots online will inevitably try to make from it (durr anyone can drive a stockcar). Today 3:30pm


Then, xXwolfmanXx really brought us to an entirely new level.


There is not another motorsport discipline where this could happen. NASCAR's are dino's man its ok its just the way it is get over it. It shows truly that its not the car its the driver. The level of skill in NASCAR is nowhere near as high as AMLS. V8 super, INDY. Rally, F1. I could go on for hours. Just the way it is. Its the bottom rung. The reason it so popular is that its easy to get into you don't need to know a thing about cars to watch it. No real strats no different set ups all the cars are identical except for the hideous livery's on them. To enjoy f1 you have to research and watch p1 through to race or its not as fun to watch. Im not hating I love motor sporst in general but only a fool would say that there is more skill here than almost any other form of racing. Today 9:01pm

Many of us, myself included, tried to help the lost soul. I fear however, that our efforts were in vain.


Erm ur aware that Mr. Rossi did very well in both WRC and did well in his tests of a Ferrari F1 car right? Wel probably not because I dont think you follow him or MotoGP but still dude! Google is your friend :) Today 9:13pm


Wow... so wrong... The only thing identical from car to car is the NASCAR contingency sticker on the left-front quarter panel. They all have to fit within templates for their specific car maker brand, but that does not mean they are identical. They all have different setups, and each of the drivers has a slightly different way to handle each corner. Today 10:13pm

Breakfast Burrito

Honestly man, there is no possible way you could be more wrong. You think that an Indy car, V8 supercar, ALMS, rally, or F1 champion couldn't easily get P20 after driving the best car in another feeder series? Really? Also, Valentino did so well in his Ferrari F1 test that Ferrari was ready to hire him. Guess F1 requires no skill either...

Next, you think the majority of F1 fans research the cars, watch all the practice and qualifying sessions in addition to the race? Yeah ok... If that was the case Ferrari wouldn't have had 30% of the fan base last year, nor would Michael Schumacher have had 20%. Face it, the reason they are so popular is because F1 is easy to get into and you don't need to know a thing about cars to watch it.

And then you go throwing around your very accurate and unbiased assessment of driver skill. If this is the same tired old "ovals are so easy my grandmother could race them" drum, allow me to direct you to Indy driver, Alex Lloyd's assessment of them. Mind you, he drives a very light, very nimble Indycar around these things and thinks it's insanely difficult. Try driving a loose, heavy stock car on skinny, slippery tires through a pack of 42 other cars. Nascar drivers have an almost identical skill set to rally drivers.

Finally, I think everyone has thoroughly scolded you on your assumption that just because the cars look the same they all must have the same setup. Plainly, that's idiotic. Each team builds their cars slightly differently for aero and handling, and when superspeedway pack racing is involved, aero, setup, and tire wear are paramount. 34 minutes ago


I'm not trying to promote myself here, but I do think we really need to establish once and for all that all top tier racing series require vast amounts of skill and technical preparation. Though these skill sets might not be the same, each driver is a master of their craft and all are immensely talented. Just because you don't understand this, doesn't make you cool.

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