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Backstory: I work with an elderly individual (70+), who for many reasons makes a series of poor finacial decisions. he drives a german luxury car with 200k miles, and everything, and I mean everything is halfassed or done by the cheapest mechanic he can find. Given noone wants to touch his car with a 10 foot pole, its worthless. So he keeps shopping “it needs AWD and a turbo, so I can crank up the boost”. He keeps looking at GTIs, but because he “needs” AWD, is now looking at used R’s.

So today, “Hey i see you can run the R on regular”

me: why the hell would you do that?

him” well premium costs too much”

me: but that will decrease performance, and fuel economy. Also its a really terrible idea with a turbo


him: Well I do it now...

me: why would you pay a premium for a hot hatch and then not have it live up to its potential?

him: so you have the power when you want it...

.....hey this company will do a tune to get 50 more HP and 10% better fuel efficency.


me: all of these require premium.

him: ah they all say that, the ecu nowadays will figure it out.

At this point I give up. I want to see him drop 30k on a used R, plus the cash for the tune to see it grenade in a month on cheap gas.



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