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Conversations from the back of the airplane: Audi AllRoad

I started chatting to my seat mate on my flight back to Kalispell and learned that this woman had moved to Montana in May of 2017 and had “gone off the road” five times last winter. She said she drove a ¾ ton Suburban (me okay whatever must be an old one). I was thinking with good tires this should not be a problem, probably driving too fast. Then she mentioned that her son is “rebuilding” an Audi Allroad for her use this coming winter.

I mentioned that I had herd very negative things about this vehicle from high maintenance costs and failing suspension and the mysteries of 12 year old German electronics… She immediately said: “I will have to have a talk with my son about this.”


I kind of feel like a dick but I might have saved her some major car trouble come January when she needs to get to work and the car is sitting on the ground with a broken air suspension. I politely suggested she go lease a Subaru Forester for the next few years.



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