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Converter: done for now but leaks, DAMN IT!

I opted to leave original stud in. When I stacked nuts, they didn’t lock, but the first nut just spun the second. So I’ll cleaned the threads with the nuts, backed off then put the gasket on, then put rear gasket on and locktighted the 3 bolts for the rear.

Thats after the 3 bolts are all tightened down and I mean tight. My option I guess is to double stack a gasket and see if that seals it. If that doesn’t work, taking the converter off, and tapping on edges to see if I can bend the flange so it’s not concave. If that doesn’t work I guess I’ll get a belt sander and try to essentially mill the surface flat

New stud, old stud
Surface prep, remove old gasket
O2 swap
Gasket in place then add locktight one at a time
Nuts are hand tight
Tightened down, not sure if this area leaks....

I’m going to clean up then go for a test drive. So far no CEL when before when I reset it, it came on immediately. I’m hoping the tires will pass safety inspection, but I may have a line on another set on CL. Cross your fingers.

Besides that light being ON on the dash you can’t even tell I did work to it. Frustrating when there isn’t a visible or audible reward for the efforts put forth.

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