I just had a brief exchange with the folks at Wagonmaster, and they confirmed that this immaculate 1989 Grand Wagoneer which I found last year, and which I ranked at the 7th coolest car I saw in 2017, was indeed one of their builds. That means that it basically resides at the pinnacle of the already drool-worthy Grand Wagoneer heap, since they pretty much restore them to better-than-new condition. It also means that the owner, who I was able to compliment on his ride, likely dropped between $60,000-$80,000 on this gorgeous beast, assuming it wasn’t a commissioned restoration of a car he already owned.

It may be an excessive price to some, but you’d better believe that if I can ever afford a ski cabin in Vail or a summer home in Nantucket, it’s gonna have a Wagonmaster Grand Wagoneer in the garage.