Currently unoccupied. Stopped under to let the car cool off after overheating in gridlocked traffic.

This guy (in a pickup truck - shocking!) had what looked like a single car accident, the police decided to close all lanes of traffic so I got stuck idling for ten or so minutes in 95 degree heat, waiting to get to the off ramp. The car vapor locked while getting off the ramp and I luckily had enough momentum to roll into a side street and park.

After cooling down a little I started heading up city streets, but again traffic stalled. Rather than risk cutting out again and really stopping traffic I parked a little while (under that awesome building) to let the engine really cool off before getting back into traffic. Figures the one day I need to drive cross town was also the hottest day of the week and also the day Truckman McAss Fingers had to crash himself on the highway.