I was at the auction today and started talking cars with an old buddy of mine who also owns a small specialty dealership and he told me about a 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage that he picked up and was looking to sell. He said it needed some work, which I’ll get to. The Vantage is high on my list of cars I’d like to personally own (I’ve considered selling my 911 Turbo for one, and the thought crossed my mind) so I was pretty excited to check it out since I’ve never driven one. 

The car looks awesome in person, with a wide rear end, red brake calipers and classy looking wheels. This particular car was jet black with a red and black interior – not my favorite color combo but still pretty cool. We took it for a drive and I was a bit disappointed in the power it had, but the sound was phenomenal. The attention to detail was pretty good with the exception of the key that had lost its cover to reveal a Volvo logo. Leather everything, alcantara headliner, classy looking gauges with a reverse tachometer and a great driving position.

The car has several cosmetic blemishes, an aftermarket rear bumper that needed to be painted, a poorly painted hood, warped front rotors and a slightly slipping clutch. All easily fixable issues, and with a price of $27k a possible bargain. I figure I’d have to spend $5k right out of the chute to fix everything, and any other unseen issues that will reveal themselves. I have a feeling I’d get tired of the car fairly quickly. What does everyone think? Bargain or beater?