I got to Georgia State University so my campus has some pretty cool stuff roll by and through it as we’re smack dab in the center of the City of Atlanta.

Here’s a list of what I’ve seen in the past couple of weeks:

  • Aston Martin DB9
  • Aston Martin DBS
  • BMW i8
  • Fiat 500 Abarth
  • Rolls Royce Flying Spur
  • Ferrari 430
  • Dozens of Tesla S’s
  • Porsche 997 Turbo
  • Bentley Arnage
  • Lexus ISF
  • Alpina B7
  • Dozens of big, luxury sedans (750s, S-Classes, A8s, etc.)

For having such crap roads, it’s nice to see some pretty cool stuff around here.

What have you seen lately?