So after taking my beloved wife to Charlotte cars and coffee for the first time (“So, you just walk around and stare at cars and talk about what cars you would want to own?” was pretty much a direct quote - at least she is trying to understand) we were running errands and she told me about a business that just relocated to a new building next to our veterinarian.

Banner with old address still.

She said, “I thought these were the kind of cars you like, and I thought you would be interested to know that this was here.” That’s an affirmative.


The lot had both exotics and also beige-mobiles. Similar to my new favorite body shop, but more exotica. Hopefully I won’t need one for myself again anytime soon.

No, this is not a beige-mobile, despite the color.


In the small showroom

My dog may need to visit the doctor even more regularly now.