Guess what kind of car this is going in?


I’m a let y’all keep guessing. If I don’t get an answer by the time the customer gets here, I’ll take a picture of her car.

*edit* 12:50 pm 4/28

Customer is going to be here tomorrow morning at around 10. I’ll update with pictures and the correct answer if anyone hasn’t gotten it yet.


*edit* 1:13 PM 4/28

Look through the responses.

I’ve mentioned “Different Axis Power,” to a few who guessed VAG cars.

So here are some hints:

New, but kind of slow.
Built in a country that was part of the WWII Axis powers.
Reputation for durability
Only car with its specific characteristics in its market segment



Keep guessing.

One more hint:



We have a winner! onceicaughtafishalive is go.