Cool sights of the day, Japan Edition

That Land Cruiser looked MINT. New paint, new upholstery and so on... I’ve never seen one looking this good before in my life.


This Jimny did not look mint, but is cool as hell nonetheless... Too lazy to cross the road to take a closer picture but it hasn’t moved ever since I moved to Japan 2 years ago, so I can take closer pics some other time :)

Good news for my very own SA22C, this freaking ignition control unit was the culprit (misfiring and detonations when shifting too quick or over 6000 rpm). It’s tiny as hell but cost a lot for some weird reason... I received a replacement today after LOTS of waiting and the car runs perfectly now! (well, almost, my idling is still a bit hesitant but well... better than a month go nonetheless :)

Thanks Mitsubishi!

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