After my little overheating episode, followed by a P0734 code (unrelated) I was finally inspired to get under the Disco and figure out whats what. I don’t have a lift, but “luckily” the Disco is tall enough I can scooch under it with minimal swearing.

The P0734 code has cropped up before and I knew what it was: low transmission fluid. I could only guess, as the Disco doesn’t have a transmission oil dipstick, but sure enough when I popped off the fill screw nothing came out. Unfortunately filling it is pretty awful. Basically you have to run the engine until the transmission is at 104F, put the car in neutral, and then fill it until a 2mm bead of fluid comes out the fill. Then try and jam the bolt back in while fluid drips down your arm and in your hair, trying not to burn yourself on the hot cats that flank the transmission. This time around it was even more fun because, as I said, I found my coolant leak...


The coolant is leaking from the back of the engine. I didn’t even know what was possible. A quick google search says that this is a common problem caused by a failed intake manifold gasket. It only leaks when the car is running, which explains why I never see coolant on the pavement at home...

Problem with that is (A) that meant I had Dexcool dripping in my eyes as I filled the transmission and (B) when you take the intake off a Disco, there are a lot of other little jobs that should be done at the same time. Valve cover gaskets, plug wires, coils, coolant temp sensor and probably a lot of other things I don’t know about. That said: I DON’T WANT TO.

So yeah, I am going to be lame and ask a local shop how much to have all that stuff done. I assume it’ll be $500 to a grand.


Furthermore I also figured out what my belt grumble is! Bad alternator. Spiffy...

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