Time for our daily OPPO field trip to do what we always do, look at cars :]

I'd like to apologize for the late replies and lack content yesterday, super busy at work and today is a little rough but it's a lot better.

Yesterday, we took the old rear engine, 4 rotary diesel, carbon fiber OPPO bus out to Haifa in Israel. Umm wow lol. Dogapult informed me that Israel's taxes and regulations regarding modifications make modified or rare cars scarce on the streets. I'm sure they are there but as for our visit, the ratio between cool and not cool was not on our side. None the less we are OPPO and we are the best! Arch Duke joined us finally and started us off on the right track with a Panda lol, and some Torchbait. The most German car ever in Israel? Fuck it, this is 'Murica! KnowsAboutCars came through spotting cool stuff like a Cayenne, polo GTI, a sweet Ford Capri, my first car (e28), and our hunt can never be complete without some rice :] Speaking of classic finds, RazoE started us off with some a Maps Chopped S-Type. Also, some sexy biscochos, what seems to be a US spec 90's Monte Carlo, and a sweet Scirocco. It was tough though as Brian Silvestro and 505Turbeux noticed quickly but they came through with some neato things including an STi, sweet Alfa, and MKII Golf. Thanks for everyone of you who participated. It was very much appreciated.

Today we are in Chiayi City in Taiwan. A compact town for the most part


A good variety of vehicles, this should be good. Many cool things but this car just kept my short attention span going :]

Good luck everyone! :]