Time for our daily OPPO field trip to do what we always do, look at cars :]

On Friday, we visited Antofagasta in Chile.

This town at first seemed like it would be our biggest challenge yet. But come on now who are we kidding, we are the best car spotters in all the interwebz!!! nhlfan86 started coming through with one of those cars that look like something but could be something else. RacecaR showed us a set of treats (including rice lol) Speaking of, RazoE was the rice king of the day with those awesome finds. Rainbow Dash kept it random with awesome cars and cool doggies :] Audi-os amigos kept it Murica with a Mustang II. Brian Silvestro was rugged with those 4x4's and bullet proof Lada's. 505Turbeaux peeked over a wall to see a Pug waiting on parts most likely. Angrydrifter found an awesome bug limo thing and a sweet Mini ute thing. Honors go to RazoE for that 2CV find and to carchrasher88 not only for the old Land Rover but for the bombardment of finds. Sorry I couldn't reply to all but dang dude lol :] Good job to everyone. We are the best at this sort of thing :]

Today we are visiting Gaborone in Botswana. I promise, these things are super random :] I will try and include a request here and there :] I have a couple lined up. This town, well... lol I bid you an extra good luck dudes. It will be a tough one again.

I found an Audi here. Not sure what those dudes are doing but this was a tough city.


Neat town though all in all, not a whole lot of traffic near buildings and such.


Good luck dudes and dudettes :]