Time for our daily OPPO field trip to do what we always do, look at cars :]

Yesterday, we took the old rear engine, 4 rotary diesel, carbon fiber OPPO bus out to Pitesti in Romania. Amazing place and apparently there are a lot of very sexy ladies about everywhere. But back to cars lol. JawzX2 found a car i've never heard of called a Opel Calibra, looks rad. Aslo an off road beast and a Smart for4. KnowsAboutCar eally kicked ass yesterday finding some awesome stuff including a nice e36, Cayanne, and some hoon prints. Joining this car spotting ass kicking was RainbowDash locating a Mustang that is probably a rar sight, and some local random day to day events lol :] RazoE kicked things off with a 1er hatch, X5 with the proper tail lamps, a tuner e36, a clean StanceWorks special E46, an abused 740 :( and some babes! 505turbeaux made it clear what was super common round these parts with the Dacia 1300 find. these were all over. Thanks to everyone who participated, always a kickass carworld learning experience. Except for hearses, those thing creep me out sooooo bad lol :]

Today as requested by KnowsAboutCars, we are in Helsinki in Finland!!!! Just an incredibly beautiful place dudes, hand to heart amazing as you can see here...


and here...

also here :]


and here

and the ladies, they are everywhere!!!


oh yeah


sadly I do have to give Helsinki a WARNING: Hatchbacks everywhere! But many awesome cars to choose from, I chose this lovely set:]


good luck everyone !