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Coolest Car In A Random Ass Town: Lillehammer (Norway)

Time for our daily OPPO field trip to do what we always do, look at cars :]

Yesterday, we took the rear engined, 4 rotary diesel, brown OPPO bus to Mariemount in Ohio Murica. Awesome town with some sneaky borders but despite what google said, we found some awesome rides in this clean and high end area, 100% opposite of where I live which is pretty much northern cartel owned Mexico cmpacted :] A huevo carnal. RainbowDash was on fire both in and out of the city limits with some monster finds including a pair of Porsches, an awesome Riviera, a Fire chicken, Rusted coolness, and Sky Chicken. RazoE kept it Jalop with a panther by some Miatas. Roundbadge hopped on ze bus and spotted an set of silver and decal Challengers and a Tegy. Brian silvestro went outside the lines but did find a Saab dealer... A SAAB DEALER!!! KnowsAboutCars found an Element on steelies, FJ Cruiser, a jaaag, Fiat spider, and a local Jalop shop. VincentvanCabrioW was hitting homeruns with finds like a Mercury Capri, some sweet Volvos, and Jalop worthy image :] Lumpy44 spotted some german comrads, a sweet set including a C30, Miata, and Saab. Luc. A and 505turbeaux kept in random with their find. Jacques L' Autre found the town bro. Finally carcrasher88 spotted many things like an awesome SRT-8 300 and a Saab about to race i think :], a sweet blue 128i, and a clean early C4 vette. Thanks to everyone who participated, much appreciated.


Today, we are in Lillehammer in Norway.

Found a sweet Audi :]


good luck everybody

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