Time for our daily OPPO field trip to do what we always do, look at cars :]

Yesterday, we took the rear engined, 4 rotary diesel, carbon fiber brown OPPO bus to Fernie, BC in Canada per request from Lumpy44. Awesome town for sure. RazoE spotted some giant mirrors on an older Ford truck, some bro'ness, the king of bullet proof vehicle (older Toyota truck), Murican Muscle, and a rusty 4runner. Hometown dude found many things including a common torn apart truck, some hippy vans, and an awesome late 60's Camaro!!!! BJ told us to head toward the golfing community, but we actually came out short. I'm assuming they were all parked inside. Some potential on a lot but nothing that truly stood out. LucA. found a blinged out Infiniti, a sweet 60's Corvette, a Tracker still kicking, and a Pulsar. SM70 pulled some awesome finds including a Jeep Gladiator, a sweet FJ60, some land yachts, an MGB, Samurai, and clean green Vette! RaindowDash found a sweet Wagoneer, a solid old Toyota, some old school Murica, Sweet S10 and black van. Jus1029 spotted a rare to me Lancer wagon, a not rare Outback, clean Protege, awesome Mustang, and some Volvo wagons. Brian Silvestro spotted a nice Maro and got us all Happy Meals!!! :] Thanks for everyone who hopped on the old bus, much appreciated :]

Today, per request from ScaryMageenis, we are in Morgantown, WV in Murica. Primarily a collage town, I was informed it was a slow town for car spotting. I'm sure we can dig up some treasures!!! Haul Ass, let go!!


First on that finds a Morgan gets a internet high five!