Time for our daily OPPO field trip to do what we always do, look at cars :]

Yesterday we visited Shiso in Japan. Off the bat RacecaR made it obvious that Kei cars, Kei cars everywhere lol. Not sure where carcrasher88 was yesterday, I knew his eye would of been perfect for this but newcomer trmoore09 came through spotting very JaloPPo cars left and right lake a boss! Brian Silvestro found a car that should be sold in the US, a Toyota Mark X! Also an e91, which was the oppoiest car of the day. JayZAyEighty kept it off road with a clean Land Cruiser. RazoE's night vision was spot on finding a hidden 510 in a garage. 505turbeaux spotted something very similar to my find in a sweet Crown. My buddy PJV was on fire!!!!! But I couldn't see any of his posting :( I guessing he is using the old Google maps but not too sure :( Top honors go to KnowsAboutCars. I used to build VIP cars for friends that didn't have access to tools and a lift. Not really my style but since they paid me, I built them :] I did learn some of the culture when they'd drag me out to meets as "the builder". His find was further enhanced by its location, which is big part of these CCIARAT posts. Traveling the world (on Google lol) together with my fellow Opponauts and not only spotting cars, but the area around them. That was a wallpaper worthy image.

Today, we are in Wallongong in Australia. Lovely town as you can see..


The car I found was an older Holden Ute with I'm guessing newer style OEM wheels found by a 7/11 and Subway mix. (Murica Jr.!!!) I saw cooler cars but this one gave me an OPPO feeling. Like this person is one of us. A "first car" type feeling :]


Good luck dudes and dudettes :]