Time for our daily OPPO field trip to do what we always do, look at cars :]

Yesterday we visited Albany, NY in 'Murica. What a very very successful game. Hometown Oppohaulics Brian Silvsetro and carchasher88 completely killed yesterday with multiple awesome finds in some sneaky locations. A lot of awesome factoids around this beautiful NE town just enhanced the point of this game. Much much much appreciated dudes, you dudes are rad dudes...dude :] On cue with his heat seeking radar laser eagle eyes was 505turbeaux and the hidden gems he uncovered. Tennisguy187 came through locating a fancy side of town that included Rolls Royce, Maybach, and Maserati. Really thought we were going to see of of that the day before in Switzerland. Fed(oo=[][]=oo)uken has to get honors for the awesome repair shop full of old school 911's. Jalop heaven if not very close to it. As for myself, well, I was me lol :] Thanks to all that participated. Albany is truly a beautiful town and I very much enjoyed it.

Today, we are going back to the other side of the world to Zagreb in Croatia. Remember, this is super extra triple random...ass :] Also, besides our obsession with cars, I personally enjoy just fuckin looking around and seeing how sheeet is in other places. Buildings, geography, babes, stores, and homes. Still, cars are priority number 1 :]


Warning: typical European ocean of boring ass hatchbacks

Damn this town is absolutely beautiful. I have to visit this place. What a freakin gem!


As far as cars, this what I found.


Good luck everybody :]