Some cars don’t look as cool as they are, typically we call them Sleepers. Some car enthusiasts like them, some love them, some couldn’t care less.

One thing I think enthusiasts universally agree one is, the hatred of cars that look cooler/faster/more interesting than they are. We don’t like being lied too..

So in your opinion what car is the worst offender? I’m going to say the 4th gen Mitsubishi Eclipse. Yes you COULD get it with a 263hp V6. but at that you also got a 3400lb FWD coupe. The typical engine is the same you’d get in a Dodge Avenger pumping a not so impressive 160hp, in a 3200lb FWD coupe. Yes the V6 car weighs 200lbs more than the 4 cylinder. The car is that much more disappointing when you consider the 4 cylinder, AWD rally/drag/circuit racing monsters that preceded it.

But it is a cool looking car. As evidence, I was with a younger non-car guy, a few months ago. We were driving through town during a snow storm, and a 4th gen Eclipse drove by us. He said “that’s a sporty looking car, seems like the kind of car you should have put away for winter.”It wasn’t even a fancy looking one just a grey pre-face lift one.


And here’s the CL ad that sparked this rant.