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Updates, questions... You know the drill. 

What’s a good mix for fluids in a car that’s driven hard? I saw a recommendation for one liter of antifreeze for corrosion protection, half a bottle of water wetter and fill the rest of the way with distilled water. Obviously I’d flush it and switch to a more appropriate cold weather setup when the time comes.


Oh and between the hood vents and new radiator temperatures are staying exactly where I want them. Which is even more impressive because I’m 90% sure my fan isn’t turning on, so my thermostat might be borked. Also, no undertray at the moment since I kinda wrecked it offroading... So the radiator is completely open and not boxed in as it should be.

Next step is to install my aluminum skid plates/radiator surround, and do the coolant reroute


Skid plates will be easy, although I do have to trim the uprights to the side of the radiator a bit to clear my big front sway bar. The cooling reroute.... I’m hoping to get help with that. It’s just far enough out of my comfort zone that I’m unsure if I could do it without a major screw up.

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