*Later edit.in case i wasnt clear: Cop 2 ticketed cop 1 at two to three times the price a normal person would get.
My main reason for posting was because i’m greatly amused nice guy cop 1 wants fisticuffs to settle the score.He’s *exactly the kind of guy you’d never think would fight.The metal picture is terrific :-D

Hi .Just sharing a weird experience an acquaintance had recently.
This guy is a cop who’s job has him working with those involved in family violence and drugs.Actually most of his job involves helping the affected children,so as you can imagine he’s a nice guy who’s well liked by everyone (if not respected by the career ladder climbing members of the force).
Recently he did something a little dumb.He wanted to deliver a motorized bicycle to a friend so decided to ride it the half a mile to his house.
Unfortunately he was unlucky enough to be spotted by a traffic cop who really tried to throw the book at him. Total ticket was staggering $900.
As you can imagine cop 1 was stunned.He knew he broke the small helmet law ($40 fine)but didnt know the bike was ilegal -others ride them without consequence.Yes ignorance of the law is no excuse, but obviously the 2nd cop was a total nazi.
Anyways the funny part (i think) is that cop 1 is planning a showdown with nazi traffic cop.He’s already told his sargent he’ll fight the other cop next time he sees him at the station.The boss is somewhat sympathetic but cant drop the charges (a big procedural no no).as .
Interestingly cop 2 has been extremely scarce lately.He seems to have found lots of excuses to be out in the patrol car,lol

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