I love Copart.com as my numerous postings suggest. There’s something inherently exciting and addictive bidding on cars that have been cast away by their previous owners or insurance companies. Many consider it a gamble and its easy to get burnt on a car you can’t test drive, but it feels amazing when you pay thousands below KBB and the car actually works as advertised.

I actually trust buying cars off copart more than buying a random car off craigslist. Each lot is slightly different but the Portland Oregon location provides you with as much information as possible and let’s you personally inspect each vehicle for leaks, frame damage etc.


Here are a few of the gems from this weeks auction and what I ended up buying

2005 Toyota Sequoia

Runs Drives absolutely no cosmetic damage, sold for $4500

2013 Audi A4

Runs Drives Front fender damage, no airbags deployment, sold for $11k


2001 Saab

Not really my kind of car but sold for $900 with Run + Drive guarantee


The 2014 Audi q5 or 7 ended selling for $26k


It was missing both mirrors though, maybe previous owner thought it was a smaller q3 and tried to fly through a super narrow alleyway, either way he’s lucky he only lost the mirrors.

And what I ended buying for the price of an used iPhone ($400) a 2005 Chrysler Sebring Touring (with clean OR title!!!)


Sure it’s a pretty basic domestic with a V6 but it runs and drives great and I only paid $400!?!? I dont even know what to do with this car since it was so cheap. I don’t really want to sell it because I would feel guilty selling it anywhere near market price ($2000-$3500), but I don’t really want to just give it away either (I’ll probably end up doing the later after a little hoonage shenanigans )

But forget about me, I’m sharing this information so you all know, you can pretty much buy any car you want for a fraction of it’s price if you’re willing to put a little elbow grease into it. I’ll keep you guys posted on what I end up doing with the Sebring and I still have this sweet 2004 S80 T6 twin turbo


from last week’s auction so I really need to slow down on buying cars but it’s soooo much fun. So if you’re into having fun in affordable unwanted cars, Copart is your best friend.

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