Shoutout to the Jersey City PD for being straight-up dicks this past weekend to all the supercar owners supporting a cancer research charity. I hope all you pigs get diagnosed with terminal cancer.

And no, nobody was doing burnouts or driving recklessly. Instead, they were driving with the flow of traffic on a deserted road with an artificially low speed limit. Or driving without a front plate, because the manufacturer never designed a front mounting point. Or in one case, two awesome individuals parking their Aventadors in a secluded location so a terminal cancer patient could have a private photoshoot with his dream cars. (note: I’m not the cancer patient, I just helped coordinate the photoshoot for him).

But it was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for some abuse of power. Cue an army of predatory cops discriminating against anyone with a flashy car because they need some ticket revenue. Now those supercar owners won’t attend future events, and the Make A Wish Foundation loses critical donors. Excellent police work, Officer Dickhead.

As a cop, your job is to protect and serve, not bully and extort. If you see someone doing something nice for a cancer patient in a location they shouldn’t be in, the appropriate response is to say, “Excuse me, sir, I realize that you’re doing something nice and not bothering anyone on this deserted-ass gravel road to nowhere, but this is private property and I do need to ask you to exit the premises. Thank you for understanding. Beautiful car. Have a great day.”


A polite, but firm warning that achieves the desired result while instilling trust and respect in the local police force. I guess that’s too much to ask for.