I have an elevator renovation for a city school, and the project is at least 6 months behind schedule, mostly due to the elevator contractor ordering equipment without approved submittals. Said equipment came in with the wrong voltage requirements and put the project to a halt while we and the owner tried to work it out. When the owner had enough, they told us to purchase the right equipment with the right voltage requirements, and we told our contractor, who told us to pay them for the right equipment or pack sand. In the interest of getting the project moving and not suing the shit out of our contractor, we opted to split the cost of the new equipment. The new equipment shipped on 11/30 with a delivery date of 12/08.

This morning my elevator contractor emails me that the new equipment will be on site “late next week” and asked if they can start installation on 12/19, the already short week before the holiday. I called the shipping company and they confirmed the delivery date was 12/08, until my contractor called and delayed it until 12/12, a Monday, notably not the fucking end of the week. These mother fuckers have been delaying this project as much as they can because they do not have enough personnel to cover their workload, meanwhile there are disabled children at this school that do not have the use of an elevator (5 floors), and the school is out of compliance, which I get calls about daily from the head of facility maintenance for the school system. I’m about ready to go scorched earth on these assholes.


Maserati for your time.



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