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CorollaByLotus: A Mashup That Must Happen

Some new Corollas are British Racing Green. British Racing Green is…British. Lotuses are British. By extent, Lotus and Toyota should collaborate on some new Corollas.

Illustration for article titled CorollaByLotus: A Mashup That Must Happen

[Pictured: Microsoft paint rendering of CorollaByLotus]

The Toyota Corolla. Once legendary for spawning performance-oriented derivatives like the GT-S, the newest model seems to have improved little in the "fun" department. But fear not! I have a possible solution for ye Jalops!



Lotus has an awesome track record of collaborating with other car manufacturers. (Lotus Cortina, Isuzu Impulse, Lotus Carlton and many others) Lotus also has quite a history with Toyota, helping tweak numerous chassis and using Toyota engines in their road cars. This makes a CorollaByLotus almost a no-brainer. Re-work the chassis, re-tune the engine (Maybe forced induction?), some gold stripes, unique wheels, Lotus badges and most importantly, a manual transmission. Boom! Toyota has a fun vehicle, Lotus has a (more) attainable vehicle, and we're happy too! Everyone's a winner.

Now is the time for this to happen. Toyota is increasingly willing to try "new" things (see Fr-S, Toyota/BMW sports car project,etc.) and their head honcho, Akio Toyoda, would totally be on board for a "fun" corolla. Also: Mr. Toyoda is the coolest. It is proven.


(And yes, I'm keeping the name CorollaByLotus, spaces be damned)

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