CorollaByLotus: A Mashup That Must Happen

Some new Corollas are British Racing Green. British Racing Green is…British. Lotuses are British. By extent, Lotus and Toyota should collaborate on some new Corollas.

[Pictured: Microsoft paint rendering of CorollaByLotus]

The Toyota Corolla. Once legendary for spawning performance-oriented derivatives like the GT-S, the newest model seems to have improved little in the "fun" department. But fear not! I have a possible solution for ye Jalops!



Lotus has an awesome track record of collaborating with other car manufacturers. (Lotus Cortina, Isuzu Impulse, Lotus Carlton and many others) Lotus also has quite a history with Toyota, helping tweak numerous chassis and using Toyota engines in their road cars. This makes a CorollaByLotus almost a no-brainer. Re-work the chassis, re-tune the engine (Maybe forced induction?), some gold stripes, unique wheels, Lotus badges and most importantly, a manual transmission. Boom! Toyota has a fun vehicle, Lotus has a (more) attainable vehicle, and we're happy too! Everyone's a winner.

Now is the time for this to happen. Toyota is increasingly willing to try "new" things (see Fr-S, Toyota/BMW sports car project,etc.) and their head honcho, Akio Toyoda, would totally be on board for a "fun" corolla. Also: Mr. Toyoda is the coolest. It is proven.


(And yes, I'm keeping the name CorollaByLotus, spaces be damned)

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