What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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I’m not having very good luck with this STI...

Well, after a vacation a while back, I took my car to Corpus Christi Subaru, since my car broke down from a gas pump in the area.


And today, I got her back! But I also hate Corpus Christi Subaru. Let me go over what happened in a bullet-point form, since I’m lazy today.

  • The only repair needed was a fuel system flush. Ended up having to pay $650. $650 freakin’ bucks for a dude to suck liquid out.
  • I ask the service adviser if the gas tank is full when I pick up the car. He says, “of course!” in his best customer service tone. But, I get to the car, and I have 60 miles in range according to the computer. I drive to the nearest gas station to fill up the gas.
  • To top THAT off, I turned in the car with 2046 miles, give or take like 2. I get it back with 2058. If I remember correctly, they were flushing the fuel, not test driving 10 miles.
  • I get home after a 3 hours of driving and notice something unusual on the rear quarter area.
  • There are about 5 lines of scratches next to each other, and the same on the taillight.

So, I’m gonna be straight up. I’m pissed and I can’t wait to call in and give them a piece of my mind tomorrow when they open up, and they better pay for the damages. Its a 2015 dammit.

OH RIGHT. So the PSA here is, “Friends don’t let friends go to Corpus Christi Subaru for service”

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