Gabby at Freeway Toyota is on the job, and swears she will find me a sky blue, fully loaded, manual Corrolla hatch.

I checked with my book keeper, and I actually owe less on the Infiniti than I thought. Even with the fresh dent in the fender, there is a reasonable probability I could get the payoff value and break even on the trade. Plus avoid insurance claim and rate increase on the fender.

I have about $10k I can throw at this if I wanted to do something right now, and I could probably pay off the balance even at MSRP by February at the latest. I pay about $950/mo on the Infiniti, so there is a lot of room in the budget for a car payment. So for these financial reasons, Mrs. IM has given me permission to shop. I love this woman. She gets me. I am 90% going to buy a car! Fun car! Manual car!



Wanna buy a car with me, Oppo?

While Gabby looks for my Corrolla, let’s shop around and make sure I do this right.


What new manuals should I test drive? It has to be fun!


The manual is hard to find, and I could only find silver or white to which I say Bah! Who buys a silly little car without color?


After calling 3 local dealers, the third swore they would find me a Corrolla that I would love and be unable to refuse. So the hunt is on for my colorful hatch

Am I too old for blue?


Red is a reliable fun color

I kind of like this one:


The bronze does something in my tummy.

Stay tuned. Maybe I’ll go see some Korean cars this afternoon.