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Corvair update! And it needs a name...

When I bought it, the car had no wires to accept a battery. I had to make my own negative cable and wire up a positive cable as well. I also had to connect the starter wire to the whole system. With all that done I dropped in a used battery from a 1971 Plymouth and... uhhh nothing.

But I think the battery was too dead to bump the starter. I’ll charge it and try again with a full battery. But the dash lights came on and the windshield wipers worked so I believe it has a chance at cranking once the battery has some juice in it.

And it needs a name! I thought about naming it Stinger due to the Yenko link and the sheer amount of wasp nests I’ve been pulling out of this thing. Seriously it’s a rolling wasp nest this thing. What do you think?

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