For those of you who don't know yesterday i asked what you guy's thought about the C4 Corvette.

The response was much more then i expected, I appreciate it. Now i got to drive a 1985 with white exterior and red interior. MUST HAVE RED INSIDES NOW! The only real problem it had was the The THE AUTOMATIC! (cries of pain). Also the brakes which felt mushier then a wet sponge. They did have power however once you got to the last bit of peddle travel. The steering was light, responsive and give greater feedback then my E36 328i. The Corvette also felt a lot slower then i was expecting. It felt as if it had 190hp instead of 230hp as advertised. I felt my 328i would walk a way from it in straight line. I am not going to be to mean to the C4 just yet for i have yet driven one with a 6speed or one with all the emissions off. All in all it was a very nice car with a few problems. I am going to give the C4 a 6.5/10.