We keep reading stories about owners being trapped in these and having to call 911, we keep reading stories about people at car shows or in dealer lots needing assistance getting out of these. I often wondered how long it would take before this feature claimed a life.

It has finally happened. Someone has died from a dead battery in a C6 Corvette.

PORT ARTHUR, Texas — A Port Arthur man took his last breath in what he considered to be his dream car. 72-year-old James Rogers and his dog Leia got trapped inside his 2007 Corvette Monday afternoon.

Police believe heat exhaustion eventually killed the two.

Rogers’ daughter Tricia Hernandez says her it’s heartbreaking that his dream car ended up taking his life.

The freak accident happened in the parking lot of the Waffle House on Jimmy Johnson Boulevard in Port Arthur, where Rogers was a regular. M.J. Ponsegrau, another regular. was called to the scene by employees to try to get Rogers and his dog out.


  • Sad he didn’t know about the manual release on the floor.
  • Sad he didn’t know about the manual release in the cargo area
  • Sad he didn’t try to remove the roof
  • Sad no one in the parking lot was able to break one of the windows.
  • Sad the dog had to die, too.
  • Sad that his last meal was at Waffle House.

Sounds like he hadn’t had the car that long.

For those unfamiliar with the mechanical backup door release, here is a video of how it works. I’m guessing this dealer made this video because of all the calls they got from new C6 owners when they discovered the single point of failure for all primary door funtion.

While I’m not a fan of not having a mechanical handle as the primary means of exit, this all could have been prevented by reading the manual and being familair with the vehicle he owned.

If anyone knows anyone with a C6 Corvette, forward them this story (or at least the video above). You could save a life.