What’s your favorite year(s) and why? What would you look for/want? Options/condition/issues to avoid etc. I may begin looking for a c3 in the next year or two as the next in the everlasting chain of cars. I badly want a car that I can bond with and keep for a long time, but I tens to get bored quickly. I haven’t really wanted an American car for quite some time but the c3 is the closest I’ve ever come to an attainable dream car, it was literally the car that got me into cars despite never having been in one. So lately I’ve been thinking that it might be the closest I could get to a long term project but have such a hard time keeping the year to year changes straight so what do you like and why? Max budget will most likely be under 10k so definitely a project but hopefully one that can break my current 6-12 month shelf life for cars that’s been killing me financially.

Pic of “I can’t decide if I like it or hate it (or love it)“ for your time.


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