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Corvette Racing boss does good job of not blasting IMSA

Corvette Racing boss Doug Fehan has every right to complain about the mess IMSA made of the mid-season balance of performance tweaks during the inaugural season of the TUDOR United Sports Car Championship. But he's not.

One of Corvette's entries had won four straight and was an obvious favorite to win the whole thing before the BOP turned it into a backmarker in the GTLM class. For all the complaining Fehan could do, he seems to be putting toward working with IMSA to improve how shoddily it was handled.


"The second front is working with the sanctioning body (IMSA)," Fehan told RACER. "They've been very open and forthright in their understanding and desire to improve themselves. So we're looking for some form of improvement in the rules and their implementation. Thus far, I'm impressed with their efforts, and they are willing to listen to our input."


I get that racing needs balance. Nobody likes to see the same team win week after week (looking at you, Formula One). But if a team earns it and has the best car on the track, why must they be hampered? Imagine Bernie deciding Mercedes, playing well within the rules, is doing too well and must run the rest of the season with at reduced power. There'd be outrage.

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