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Corvette Stuff

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So I am still trying to work all the gremlins on the car. Was driving home the other day and she started to miss or get over fueled or under fueled. Hooked up a fuel pressure gauge and everything seemed to be working right. So I am glad it wasn’t a fuel problem. I was also getting a pretty bad vacuum leak from my brake booster so that has been changed out. I am hoping that was causing the drive ability issues.


Gosh I really miss going out driving for fun like pictured above.

That said, I have found a problem that I will face down the line and the other Corvette owners I know of on Oppo will face. As you have seen, I am running C5 Z06 generation wheels and this means my tires are Front: 265/40ZR17 and rear: 295/35ZR18. The problem here lies in there are only 2 options in the factory size tires with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 or Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar. The Pilot are 200 tread wear and the F1s 220, not going to last long as a daily fun car. I know I can change sizes, but that is hard to do in equal measures. Not to mention that are going to be massively expensive. Any of the C5Z guys, are you running a different size or thought about that for the future?

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