Corvette thoughts

I hate targa tops. Absolutely can’t stand them. I’ve never removed one for more than 5 minutes without regretting it. I’m just not a removable top kind of person - which is going to make this suggestion sound insane.

I think a C6 convertible with the hardtop could make for an ideal car for someone like me. Hear me out...

The Targa top can be noisy and squeaky at any given moment, which would drive me nuts. The large back window is heavy and not a style I’m in love with.


But a C6 convertible weighs as little as a coupe and has the same rigidity. Plus, the hardtop looks a lot like a C5Z:

I would be willing to bet that you could remove the waterfall, softtop, and mechanism and motor, replace it with a hardtop and end up with a lighter car that squeaks and rattles less. Aero would be compromised, but not significantly. I would bet you could even fix one in place and increase rigidity, a la c5z.

Right now you’re probably wondering why I don’t get a C5z. I already owned one for 5 years. I also hate pop up headlights and the M12 gear ratios. I know, I’m a monster.


I think this could work, but i also acknowledge that it’s a little bonkers.

Here’s a very old picture of my C5Z before I lowered it on stock bolts - for those who don’t share my pop-up-headlight-hatred:

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