*reshare for morning crowd*

I love the C6. I want a ZR1 a ridiculous amount! But I was watching Barn Find Hunters (if you haven’t seen it, you should) and the latest episode showed a C1 with the Blue Flame straight six and I have never wanted a car more. I had always found the C1 to be an odd looking vehicle and not really worthy of spending money on and I found that was because I had never seen an early C1.

The early C1 with the I6 and single headlamp is an amazing car. I had seem the 56-62 cars before 53-55 the cars look like this






You can pretty easily see the body changes. Especially in the headlamps, grilles, and bumper. Now personally I don’t like the two tone effect brought on by the design of the side of the 56-62 body styles. Add the weird quad lamps and I just never wanted one.

And as a kid the people that owned C1 Corvettes were weird old guys that thought their car was more important to the world than a 250 GTO even after it had a more modern motor put in it in the 90's and they only drove it to the local car show. These were not people that let me as a kid get close to look at the cars, but the Cobra guys, and Muscle car guys all love to tell the younger generation about their neat cars. So I always had a stigma about these particular vehicles.

Then I saw the Barn Find Hunters and looked up more info about them and all i want is a 53-55 C1 with the Blue Fire.


But CaptDale, a I6 Corvette?!

Yes other Oppo!! It would be so much fun! Cruising the California coast or Colorado mountains. Driving to Monterey Car Week or up Pikes Peak. Unfortunately they are quite expensive, a “good” one is roughly $67,000 and that is almost as much as a new base Vette, but this has more character.