Went to Costco today to redeem my cash back coupon and pick up my annual allergy pill supply. Holy damn its crazy in there. Want to know what they are almost out of? Toilet paper and bottled water. Granted I went in there also with the idea of picking up a few things that I was low on for my storage needs, vegetable oils and such, but people be going crazy. Granted it’s still better than it will be once it’s too late to prepare.

Sidenote: My wife, it turns out, is once again 2 steps ahead of me on this front with most of the things on my list already in storage and in greater amounts than I had planned for.

Not that Im worried we’ll need it, but it’s a good excuse to refresh and build up the surplus that I already should have on hand. People are going nuts because we have a patient here at the hospital in an isolation unit and everyone is naturally assuming they are all going to die. Have a picture of another place I was at recently.

Illustration for article titled Costco-19

Can you guess where?

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