As the story goes, directly from Cosworth themselves, The bottom end bolt spacing of the DFV, was designed off of the width of Jim Clark's bottom. I mean, the man was such a fine driver that his backside influenced twenty+ years of engine design! I don't see Beyonce's butt influencing twenty years of mechanical engineering or Niki Minaj's inflate-o-booty...well, perhaps there's some advanced fabric engineering being developed to contain dat. Enough of that subject, back to legendary racing power-plants.

I should clarify. It is 1:30am eastern time as I write. 60's F1 cars were evolving to be built by a version of Armani to their drivers measurements. Lotus's Armani tailor man, Mr. Chapman, built a car to Clark's body and then Cosworth built an engine specifically for Lotus's car-suit. Seeing as how the engine had to fit the car perfectly, they built it to the Clark booty it would fit the car perfectly. ie: Clark's fine driving ass became the crankshaft bearing cap bolt width. All bolt spacing for bottom ends of engines is now a recognized SAE value technically known as: 1 clark booty. So you get out your Clark measurement tools and can measure 1.6 or so Clark Booty's of bolt spacing on other types of engines, obviously not built for fitment in to a Lotus F1 car. I can hear the questions now but they already answer themselves. "So, how far across is a clark booty measurement?" Asks the engineering student. The professor answers him/her, "It's...a clark booty. 1 CB is a CB. It's like asking how many feet is a foot long ruler."

So, now you know more than enough to pick up classy and well educated women (or men for that matter) at your local watering divot.

What's the source of all this madness? Motorsport Magazine published a nice article on Cosworth's historical spares business, but they didn't mention a word about Beyonce'