Cosworth has revealed their own V6 turbo engine, the fruits of four years of development which will not power any Formula 1 cars this season.

Racecar Engineering reported that "the English company started work on a 2014 engine as long ago as 2010, when the regulations stipulated an I4 layout at the behest of Volkswagen."

However the Wolfsburg based manufacturer canned the project, and Formula 1 regs changed to a V6 turbo configuration which prompted Cosworth, without a backer, to shelve the project.

However the report adds that Cosworth is continuing development of the I4 and V6 turbo engines for an 'undisclosed' supercar project, however should Formula 1 beckon again in the future they will be ready.

Earlier this month Adam Parr, former CEO of Williams F1 team,joined the Cosworth board as non-executive director which suggests that the engine manufacturer has not shut the door on future F1 ventures.


Cosworth powered Formula 1 cars won 165 times out of the 654 grand prix races they contested, between 1963 and 2013. (GP247)

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