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COTA horror stories?

All I'm hearing from the Interwebs about the USGP is that thus far, it's a Mongolian clusterfuck. Tickets, parking passes, overcharges, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria.

I'm not going this year due to the arrival of my second daughter a few months ago (leaving wifey home alone with a toddler and an infant for 3 days while I galavant about with the creme de la creme of international racery is not a recommended path to marital bliss), but as an Austinite and a F1 fan, let's say I'm concerned. I personally do not think COTA management has been particularly deft with their response, and unfortunately their silence has extended to those in the blogosphere who could mitigate the damage.

So what's your experience been? What have you done to address the problem? Any other personal or professional thoughts on the problems?

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